Roger Fires is a Brazilian-Canadian who successfully transformed his passion for films and storytelling into a career. Roger's background holds a degree in interior design & graphic design as well extensive expertise in art direction for advertisements and interior commercial projects.
Roger is a very passionate professional and a respected award-winning designer in brazil working with some of the biggest companies in the music industry, fashion and branding segments
 In films, he worked as graphic designer in various productions such as Fifty Shades of Grey and used his experience abroad to move into art direction. His list of extensive work as art director includes projects like the series Timeless (NBC) & Lost in Space (netflix) as well films like Nacho Vigalondo’s colossal and most recently david leitch’s deadpool 2. It was a matter of time to transition into production design having designed a number of shorts and music videos.
Roger just wrapped nobody directed by Ilya Naishuller, produced by Braden Aftergood, Kelly McCormick and David Leitch for Universal Pictures.

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